Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a glitter tattoo last?
Unlike face-painting, which only tends to last for a day, a glitter tattoo will last anywhere from 3-7 days. I have also had customers tell me their tattoo lasted for weeks. The life of the tattoo depends on a few things. Friction and glitter tattoos do not go well together. Areas that are subjected to the friction of shoes, socks, or tight-fitting clothes may cause the tattoo to rub off sooner than the 7 days. Another factor in the length of time a tattoo will last is the amount of oil in your skin. People with drier skin tend to have their tattoos last longer than the 7 days.

How is a Glitter Tattoo applied?

Glitter tattoos are a form of body art that we do on-site. They are created right there before your eyes. We will have the customer pick out which design that they would like to have. We use a vinyl stencil applied to the skin. We then apply a 100% hypoallergenic surgical skin glue over the stencil. We then remove the stencil and wait for the glue to dry. As the glue dries, it disappears, and then we are ready to glitter!! This becomes the tricky part, but my glitter fairies make it look like a breeze. It is at this point that you or your customer is able to tell us exactly where and what colors they would like to design their tattoo with! It is an amazing process to see and it is even more amazing to see how creative our customers get with their tattoos!!!

Will the tattoo come off if I swim or when I take a shower?
You can still swim and shower normally with a glitter tattoo. In fact we have done many tattoos poolside, and the recipients were able to jump in the pool as soon as we were done applying the tattoo. We recommend when showering to not scrub the area when you are washing. We also recommend when you are drying off from a shower or time in the pool, to just pat the area dry to avoid friction. We recommend still showering as usual, to keep your skin from becoming too oily, which will cause the tattoo to not last as long.

Am I going to have glitter all over my house if I get a glitter tattoo?
Surprisingly no! The glitter will only stick to the areas which have had glue applied. The glitter tattoos are immediately safe to touch without fear of any excess glitter falling off.

Are glitter tattoos safe?
Yes!!! All products used are FDA approved and hypoallergenic. The glue used to apply the tattoos is a gentle, non-toxic, latex-free cosmetic glue made specifically for use on skin.

What designs are available?
We have over 200 designs and various sizes for all ages. We have everything from Hello Kitty (our most popular) to skulls, flowers, stars, and so much more!! You can view our design catalog to see all of our current designs. We are adding new tattoos all of the time. We do not bring all of the designs to an event. Depending on event, we will bring the tattoos that we think would be most appropriate. If you are having a party, you are more than welcome to pick out all of the designs that you would like featured at your event.

Since you are The Glitter Fairy, do you offer Fairy Wings?
We have recently added Fairy Wings and necklaces to our design catalog. The Fairy Wings are $20 and the necklaces are $15. Both the wings and the necklace designs have a lot of detail to them. We do need advanced noticed prior to any event in which we are booked, if you would like the wings or necklaces available to your guests. The cost of both is not included in regular party pricing, and is an additional charge for each set of wings or necklace. We offer both items in various sizes, however since there is so much detail and the process takes some time, we do not recommend either one for young children.

I really want a tattoo that you do not have...can you make one for me?
Absolutely. I love to create new tattoos. I will just need a .jpg file of the design that you would like turned into a tattoo. If I do not think that the tattoo will look good, I will be upfront with you and we can work together to find an alternative that will make for a better tattoo.

How long does it take to apply a tattoo?
It only takes us a few minutes to apply the tattoo, but we will make sure we take our time so that it comes out perfect. We do not apply tattoos in an assembly line fashion, so it may take longer than having your face painted, but we feel it is worth the time spent since our designs last for so long.

Can I have more than one color in my tattoo?
For sure! We have 30 colors to choose from, so there are many color combination's you can choose for your design.

Do you offer any other types of tattoos?
We sure do. We have just introduced our Mica and UV tattoos.
Mica tats are very similar to glitter tattoos, except that you apply the mica powders in place of cosmetic glitter. Mica tats will last for several days because they are applied with the same water-resistent body glue that is used to apply our glitter tattoos. We have many colors to choose from in the mica powders that you can view in our design catalog.
UV tattoos are a great addition to any black light party! The wonderful thing about the UV tattoos, is that they still look great without the use of a black light. Without black light, the colors of the tattoo are neon, and with the use of black light, the colors of the tattoo will glow. You can view our UV colors in the back of the design catalog.

Can I have a combination of the different types of tattoos?
Most definitely. We can be as creative as you would like to be with your tattoo! You just let us know how you want it to look, and we will make it happen for you.

What if I want to take the tattoo off?
They are very simple to remove. Simply use rubbing alcohol and a washcloth or cotton ball to scrub the tattoo off.

Are glitter tattoos just for kids?
Absolutely not!! We have done tattoos for people of all ages! Glitter tattoos are a great way to show off your personality without having to commit to a permanent tattoo.

Are you available for fund-raising events?
Absolutely. We would be happy to do glitter tattoos at your fund-raising event with a portion of the profits going towards your group. Please contact us for more information regarding this. We have done quite a few events and have been able to help raise money for some great organizations.

Are you available for private parties?
We sure are! Please email us so that we can discuss the needs of your particular party to determine the length of time that a Glitter Fairy would be needed and the number of Glitter Fairies that you would require for your event!

Do you require a deposit for events?
At this time, we do not require a deposit.

Are you available outside the Bloomington-Normal area?
We sure are. There is no extra charge for locations within 45 miles of Bloomington-Normal. Areas outside of this perimeter would be subjected to a mileage fee added to the total cost of the party.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes! We offer gift certificates in any denomination. The recipient would be able to use the gift certificate towards a party or they could use it for tattoos at any public event that we are at. Check our events page to see all of our upcoming events. We have also had gift certificates used as party favors, where each gift certificate is good for one tattoo at any of our future events. Please contact us for more information regarding gift certificates!

How can I pay for my event?
Please visit our payment page for more details on how to pay for your event.

Do you offer any other types of party services?
We do not. Our only focus is on glitter tattoos.
We do have some entertainers that we do recommend: For facepainting, body art, and henna tattoos we recommend Shelly and Kristi at Wild Style Design Company. They have been in the area for a very long time, and do beautiful work! !
For balloon twisters, we have two favorites. In the Bloomington-Normal area Funbelievable Balloons and in the Peoria area The Unique Twist. We have worked with these vendors at many events around time, and truly appreciate their professionalism and kindness in welcoming us to the entertainment field!!
Make sure you tell them The Glitter Fairies sent you!